A DRY COLOR® offers to its partners solutions that optimize all the development process of a new color or additive:

- Laboratories with equipments, which reproduce productive processes of injection, extrusion and blowing. Therefore, we reduce the interventions in the productive processes of our clients to develop new colors and additives;

- Display of colors with the market trends;

- Control Equipment;

- Tests.

With the DRY COLOR® technology in liquid pigmentation, micro-sphere, powder and masterbatches solutions, our internal customization support team work with our clients, evaluating the best form of pigmentation that satisfies all the demands.

For liquid pigmentations, DRY COLOR® has the DRY PUMP system a complete dosage system that makes the process automatic, also offering;

- High level dosage precision;

- High dosage repetition level;

- Simple and friendly operations;

- Real information about the performed dosages;

- Easy calibration;

- Low maintenance;

- Easy coloring exchange;

- High level cleaning during the dosage.

The DRY PUMP system is produced by DRY COLOR® engineering department, which can be customized.