DRY COLOR® started its activities in 1986, commercializing COLORMATCH powder pigmentation for the thermoplastics market, especially for PVC pipes. In 1993, DRY COLOR® started the development of pigments and NO DUST microspheres, providing to its clients a clean and reliable pigmentation. In 1997, started the construction of the NO DUST production line. Consolidated in the PVC market, the company, in 1999, expanded its products’ line to other markets such as the PET packaging segment, which generated the development of the liquid pigmentation.

In 2000, a DRY COLOR® patented its dosage system for liquid pigments.

In 2006, a DRY COLOR® began a new stage by producing the pigments and "masterbatches"; grains additives, expanding its participation in the PET market and the others polyolefin.

Currently, inside its own growth strategy, DRY COLOR®acts in all national and international territory, offering the most modern technology in terms of pigmentation for thermoplastics, acting, mainly, in the civil construction market, packaging, automotive, textile, footwear and industrial paint.